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DIVA tests – english

DIVA 5.0 diagnostic test - online or on-site

What is the first step to knowing the answer to the question, "Do I have ADHD?"

An in-depth screening conducted by a professional diagnostician based on the DIVA 5.0 test is the first and necessary step towards the diagnosis of ADHD. The consultation lasts up to 2 hours, and you will receive a diagnostic report within 48 hours. The cost is: 1000 PLN / 250 €.

In order to arrange a date for a diagnostic interview, please contact our specialist, who communicates in English. Online, from anywhere in Europe or on-site in Poland (Warsaw, Bydgoszcz). To make an appointment for a consultation, click the button below or send an email to:

Diagnosis ADHD online Centrum Alma

What are the diagnostic tests for ADHD in the DIVA standard?

DIVA ADHD diagnostic tests are one of the main questionnaires for diagnosing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in adults. The questionnaire was developed in 2010 in the Netherlands. Since then, DIVA tests have been widely used by diagnosticians and therapists throughout Europe. 

According to the classification adopted by the authors of the DIVA test, the diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in an adult should be preceded by determining whether the symptoms of ADHD were present in both childhood and adulthood. To this end, as far as possible, an interview should also be collected from people who knew the patient in childhood. 

During the diagnostic interview, concrete examples of real behaviour from the past and present are cited. This is intended to make it easier to assess whether a given symptom (which is a criterion for diagnosing ADHD) occurred in childhood or adulthood. The impact of the above-mentioned symptoms on the functioning of the patient in five key areas of life is also assessed: 

Who should take the DIVA tests?

Despite the fact that DIVA tests are available online, taking them on your own will not provide an answer to the question of whether you have ADHD or to what extent the disorder affects your adult life. In order to obtain a reliable and comprehensive diagnosis and therapy plan, a diagnostic history should be carried out with the assistance of a specialist. You should definitely make an appointment for a diagnostic visit if 

What's the next step towards diagnosis?

If the result of an in-depth survey indicates ADHD, the next and final step to the diagnosis is to consult with a psychiatrist, to whom you will be able to go equipped with a detailed diagnostic report after meeting with our specialist. 

The diagnostic consultation in English will be conducted with you by:

mgr Aleksandra Kaczmarek centrum Alma

Aleksandra Kaczmarek

Psychologue et propriétaire du Centre de Thérapie Alma. Une femme avec le TDAH. 
She specializes in supporting adult patients with ADHD. Together with a team of specialists, she develops diagnostics and a psychoeducation program, supported by pharmacological treatment tailored to the needs of people with ADHD. I have spoken English for as long as I can remember because most of my family lives abroad, and it was the language we used to communicate.

Agata Mitke psycholog centrum Alma

Agata Mitke

Certified psychologist, diagnostician, and psychotherapist in training
I approach each patient individually, kindly, with understanding, and without judgment, creating a friendly, safe space to talk. My experience includes conducting diagnoses, consultations, and psychoeducational and therapeutic processes, both in Polish and English.